Why AM and PM

Why AM & PM Mouth Rinses?

The simple truth is that proper Oral Care is necessary for everyone. There are many different types of bacteria present in the mouth at all times and the mouth endures different chemical reactions at different times of the day and night. Because of this Dr. Rudy saw the need to develop two different mouth rinse formulas that would focus on the following types of bacteria: Anaerobic (Bad Bacteria) and Aerobic (Good Bacteria).

The first, Anaerobic Bacteria (the bad bacteria) is nourished in large measure by VSC’s (Volatile Sulfur Compounds) which occur when you eat. The most aggressive foods for the formation of VSC’s are found in products like Garlic, Onions, dairy products, gluten, and most sugars.

The second, Aerobic bacteria (the good bacteria) are nourished with every breath as they feed on oxygen. It is important to promote the growth of the Aerobic bacteria to ensure proper digestion and maintain healthy teeth and gums while maintaining a proper pH balance.

As Anaerobic bacteria (the bad bacteria) grows they literally burrow into the lining between your teeth and gums and in some cases causing so much irritation to the gums they can penetrate the gum barrier and begin to break down the Gum tissue itself. That is Gingivitis. Every time your gums bleed when brushing…..You have Gingivitis….. Allowing these unnatural openings to occur, will create a back door entry to other types of bacteria that would have otherwise been eliminated by both the body’s saliva and various digestive intestinal track fluids.

Once these other bacteria penetrate the gums unnatural openings, bigger problems are observed. Heart, Liver, Kidney and Lung diseases are often a direct result of this breach of our gums natural immune barrier! Not to mention the serious and socially awkward Bad Breath that results from this particular type of decay! All of this is no joke and it needs to be taken seriously to ensure your good health and well being.

Dr Rudy Laboratories has devoted the past 20 years to testing the effects of hundreds of different Natural elements to combat the various bacteria in the mouth responsible for Bad Breath, Gum Disease and Tooth Decay. After all this testing, Dr. Rudy is proud to announce the development of his newest and most effective mouth rinse products. These amazing products are the best on the market today and now they are available to you!

Introducing Dr. Rudys - AM & PM Mouth Rinses

AM Smile Pro with Halisan has been clinically tested and proven to Eliminate VSC’s and maintain healthy Gum barriers, as well as eliminating Bad Breath odor at its source. Our Formulae provide a super charged Oxygen release to promote the maintenance of the Aerobic (Good Bacteria) for proper digestion of our food and re-mineralization of our Tooth Enamel. It has been described as ZINGY! And will Wake you up and keep your mouth fresh for much of the day. We also manufacture an AM Travel Sized Smile Pro concentrate, to take with you for use after meals or any time you feel the need for a Mouth Wake Up and breath freshener during the day.

PM. Smile Pro with Xylitol, approved by the ADA, and is commonly referred to as the best natural defense against tooth decay. Smile Pro PM has a calming and soothing taste. Best of all it promotes saliva production throughout the night and eliminates the need for a ‘Glass of water by the bed’ which is common to many dry mouth sleepers.

At Night, your mouth becomes a Petri dish for growth of another type of bacteria (Dental Caries). This bacteria literally attaches itself to the tooth’s enamel as it feeds. Dr Rudy Labs and the ADA (American Dental Association) have both announced that a recently researched natural complex Polyol Sugar, found mainly in Birch Trees, XYLITOL is the closest thing to “Natures Magic Bullet” in the war against the Dental Caries (In the mouth) and Lacto Bacilli (Found in all dairy products) and that it literally Starves them to death!.

All of the World’s diseases do not add up to the amount of dental disease present in each of us. Decay and Gingivitis are the No. 1 and 2 most prevalent infectious and transmittable bacterial diseases on the planet. That’s right! We give it to each other!

Throughout the Day and at Night we fight a war against mankind’s most prevalent transmittable disease. As it rages, Dr. Rudy Products oral care system stands ready as the world’s best defense for both you and your family against these unrelenting bacteria.

One more thing, it tastes Great!!!.... Try it and see……

AM - PM SmilePro Mouth Rinse Kit

AM - PM SmilePro Mouth Rinse Kit

AM SmilePro Anti Gingivitis Mouth Rinse, with Halisan PM SmilePro Anti Cavity Mouth Rinse, with Natural Xylitol Order our AM - PM SmilePro Mouth Rinse Kit Now! (you'll get 1 bottle of AM rinse and 1 bottle of PM r..


AM - PM SmilePro Mouth Rinse - Family Pak Special

AM - PM SmilePro Mouth Rinse - Family Pak Special

AM SmilePro Anti Gingivitis Mouth Rinse, with Halisan PM SmilePro Anti Cavity Mouth Rinse, with Natural Xylitol Order our AM - PM SmilePro Mouth Rinse Family Pak Now! (you'll get 2 bottles of AM rinse and 2 bottles o..


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